Vayeshev: Chapter 5

"Behold, My servant shall prosper"


In this complex and difficult section, an aspect of the relationship between Zeir Anpin [the Upper World] and Malchut [our Lower World] at the time of the latter's creation is revealed, further explaining why the wicked often seem to prosper while the good suffer. The mystery of the title verse is discussed, revealing that at the end of the period of Correction, faith shall be rekindled in men, and Malchut - presented here as the moon - will once more be warmed and illuminated by the Light. There follows a detailed analysis of Torah verses. In question and answer form, the hidden meaning of the verses is revealed as a parable of the yearning for union by opposites, such as male and female. This is one of the Zohar's major themes.

Through the story of Joseph and Jacob, we are shown that male and female are meant to be together as one, "For blessings abide only where male and female are united." Malchut is then described with the same attributes as the male, He is wise, for example, whereas She is wisdom; He is mighty, She is might; He is a King; She is a Kingdom. The male is then described with the same attributes as the Nukva, in a profound exposition of apparent duality that governs material creation. Finally, by suggesting a subtle link between the violation of kosher laws regarding the consumption of living flesh and the illicit yearning of one sex for the other, Rabbi Yehuda resolves a discussion about the meaning of the term "an evil report."


The mystical power of these words enriches and deepens our marital relationships, while also helping the unmarried to merit the appearance of their true soulmate. It further arouses the Light of the Upper World to radiate in our physical existence. This Light also helps cleanse prior negative sexual experiences and thoughts.